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You have the permission to rest

Whatever it is you associate with rest - let it go.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out all the expectations, ideas, and thoughts. Get empty.

And now, in this emptiness, from the bottom of your belly and the bottom of your heart,

ask yourself: What do you need?

Is it a moment to pause, a good night’s sleep, a beautiful cup of tea, a bath, a deep breath, a day on the sofa?

Whatever feels light and good for you, go for it!

This is your permission to rest.

To pause.

To be.

As we are in the month of November, where days get shorter and the nights longer in the Northern hemisphere, with little sun and grey and cloudy days, Mother Nature shows us the way to withdraw and rest. We are also allowed to withdraw our energy into our roots, our inner space to recharge and gain fresh energy for the next cycle to come, as nature is showing us.

There is no need for constant doing and efficiency, but there is a need to slow down. To listen to the heartbeat of the Earth. Science shows that if we tune into the frequency of Mother Earth, the so-called Schumann Frequency, we will feel much more relaxed and rooted.

But today’s world doesn’t attune to the Earth and rather rolls much faster regardless of nature and us human beings. We are so used to this rushing pace of our society that we feel too stressed and wired to rest - although rest and sleep are the only ways to recharge our energy.

What if all of us would normalize rest?

Have you been resting enough? Four rituals to calm down and rest.

✧ Check-in with yourself. Get quiet. Breathe. Observe. Listen to your body’s signals and needs. What is it that your body is telling you right now? Take your journal and write down your thoughts and feelings about what comes up - no matter if it seems weird, confusing, or unconnected. Take yourself, your feelings, and your boundaries seriously and take good care of yourself so you can rise in the next cycle of spring and bloom with fresh energy.

✧ Switch off your mobile phone notifications and put your phone on airplane mode from 8 pm to 8 am or longer if you wish. Our mobile phone keeps our system triggered and we are not able to relax. You can start with one night and see if it makes any difference. I also recommend watching the documentary “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix.

✧ Meditate. Slow down. Get in tune with Mother Earth.

✧ Read these sentences out loud and really feel into their vibration:

I don’t have to earn rest.

I don’t have to feel guilty for resting.

I don’t have to wait until I am exhausted, sick, or burnt out to rest.

I am allowed to rest now, simply because I feel like it.

I am inherently worthy of feeling well-rested.

I have the permission to rest.

Text by Nina

Picture by Annie Spratt | Unsplash


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