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Serap Kara


Hello, my name is Serap Kara and I welcome you! I'm a Medicine Woman, earth guardian, teacher and the founder of Cacao Mama and the Earth School. I’ve spent the last 15 years building bridges between Earth and Cosmos. 


I believe that Earth is medicine. I’m guiding souls to deepen their love for the living world, tap into the wisdom of sacred healing arts, open the gateways of intuition, and feel the cosmic rhythm of the Earth Mother. My approach is earth-rooted and stellar, warm, kind, and supportive. 


I love to create finely tuned spaces which enables you to root into trust and receive permission. My intention is to create an altar, a sanctuary, and a sacred space where we remember our intimate and sacred relationship with ourselves and the world around us.


Culture Clash

My ancestral lineage is rooted in the old ways of the Anatolian people. Anatolia, in Turkish Anadolu, means ‘Full of Mothers’. Anatolia has a long tradition with ceremonies, rituals and the feminine. Rich culture emanated from these lands, woven into fabrics, poetry, and lore. I was born in Germany which holds a rich culture of ancient female lineages too, yet to me, they seemed buried under layers of history.

Disconnection & Not Belonging

Raised in two cultures, I created ways to adapt. Without knowing, I gave up my wild warrior heart and sought refuge in the mind - which left me feeling orphaned. Imagination, idea, and communication became my allies, and in daydreams I escaped the density of the artificial culture on Earth. Living in the air, I eventually felt uplifted and lost my innate connection to the present moment. This was painful as there was no ground to anchor my ideas.

The Calling of the Earth Mother

In my early thirties, I felt lost with the deepest pain of disconnection and not belonging. I had looked everywhere outside of me but I didn’t find what I was looking for. Not knowing what else to do, I went on my knees and gave my tears and my body on the Earth. In this moment Mother Earth called me back home - she sent me two teachers: Gold & Cacao. 

Teachers & Initiations

In 2011, I worked for a luxury jeweller where I came in touch with precious stones and gold. I explored the essence of gold from a spiritual perspective while moving within powerful economic structures which exposed a very dark side of the economy. A foundation was born to raise awareness about ethical mining practices worldwide, leading me to the Peruvian Andes. It was in the heart of the mountain that I felt both the heartbeat and the pain of the Mother. Gold taught me about energy, power, and Earth's resources. 

Cacao Mama - Golden Cacao

Cacao led me deep into the jungle to sacred master plants, Earth inspired wisdom, and all the way back to reconnect with my Anatolian roots. The sacred plants and their collective visions created a bridge to a 'knowing' that everything is alive, interconnected, and cyclic rather than linear. Cacao shared with me: 'We want to be golden again'. This has become Cacao Mama's mission since the founding in Spring 2014 and I've helped to open the consciousness for the Cacao Collective across the borders of Europe. Cacao Mama has become a midwife to anchor a universal consciousness.

Rooted in Earth Love

The Earth School was born in Cacao Mama's warm, fertile space. I tended to the guardians, the healers, speakers, and dreamers. I shared space with people from all over the world and from all walks of life in hundreds of ceremonies, medicine circles, and learning experiences. I witnessed a profound opening when people sat together in a circle and felt the sacred bond with each other, the Earth Mother, the natural world, and Spirit.

Mother Earth is Medicine

I believe that Mother Earth is medicine. She is not a metaphor, but the creative force that sustains all life. She speaks in rituals, symbols, and stories, calling us to love and trust, to honour and respect ourselves. Coming home and feeling belonging is one of the most fulfilling vibrations we can gift ourselves and the living world around us. Everything becomes more alive.

The Cosmic Earth Bridge

The Earth School holds the medicine of remembering & reconnection. We look after paths that allow us to root deeper into trust, receive permission and manifest from a place of heart-centred awareness. It is my intention to offer my bridge between cosmos and earth and to weave a golden fabric that unites hearts beyond religion, nationality, and culture.


Mother Earth Goddess, 8.000 years old, found in Çatalhöyük, Turkey © unknown

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