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Elders from all parts of the world foresaw a shift; in visions and prophecies, they received signs that pointed to this time, when a new cosmic program was to be infused as an invitation to expand into a planetary consciousness that serves life and unites our global cultures.


This cosmic program is now available, being woven and co-created in real-time. It holds a rhythm, awakening, a field of potential, and togetherness. New ways of living are dreamed, initiatives emerge, inventions are made, and even if not everything is visible yet, the seeds will soon sprout and blossom. 

The Earth School is anchored in Berlin, Germany. We tend to the land and its stories, myths, rituals and seasonal rhythms to remember our place. We wonder, question, and open to receive ancestral and universal guidance on how to experience a sense of flow, grounding, belonging, and divine connection.


Weaving medicine is intended as a living library and apothecary. We dedicate this journey to the medicine people throughout time and space and share our findings in the eight chapters of our medicine weaving journey through a universal medicine wheel. – Serap Kara, Founder Earth School


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the medicine wheel

The medicine wheel or the Circle of Life can be found in the medicine wheel of the Native Indians, in the Celtic wheel, in stone circles, and also in the Buddhist mandala. The circle holds and concentrates the forces that hold the world together. Four cardinal directions represent the four seasons, the four elements, or four phases of life. Adding the above and the below, a center forms, turning the circle into a sphere. The Earth School follows the Celtic medicine wheel that, today, holds both the lunar as solar celebrations. 


31 October - 1 November

darkness. letting go. mystery.


30 April - 1 May

fertility. sensuality. creativity. joy.


20 - 23 December

birth.renewal.return of the light.


20 - 23 June

sun power. abundance. turning point.


1 - 2 February

vision. new beginning. initiations.


1 - 2 August

beginning of the harvest.


20 - 23 March

balance. rebirth. growth.


20 - 23 September

balance. sharing. giving thanks.

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A journey through the medicine wheel


This second part of winter, from Imbolc to Spring Equinox, has traditionally been a time of lack of life-sustaining resources and nourishment. It was and is a time our ancestors knew to keep faith, to allow for regenerative death, and when the moment is ripe, to show up to turn the wheel once again towards beauty and abundance for all. After the deep winter regeneration we might feel the energy coming back into our bodies, minds, and spirits, growing the first buds of inspiration and visions, we have had during hibernation. Everything in and around us awakens and opens to the light. The Crone months of winter are departing and the promise of the Spring Maiden is around the corner.

Imbolc is a traditional Celtic-Irish seasonal celebration. This year's portal of Imbolc (meaning 'in the belly') opens on the 3rd of February with the Sun at 15 degrees Aquarius. Until the new moon on the 11th of February 2021, we may consciously align with the energy of Imbolc.

At Imbolc, we celebrate the evidence that winter soon shall cease and fresh flower buds soon shall sprout.

Imbolc traditionally marked the time of year when the first new sheep were born. After a long cold winter with less variety available in the diet of our ancestors, the availability of fresh milk and cheese was a major reason for celebration! In modern times, it can be a time where our faith in what we are doing may be tested. It can be a time of discomfort and also a time where hardships are relieved and new hope begins to grow.

1 -  2 february
imbolc, pagan holiday
lunar calendar


11 february

new moon in aquarius

astrological calendar

12 february

year of the metal ox

chinese lunar calendar

14 february

valentine's day

global event since 496

20 february

sun in pisces

astrological calendar

20 february


global event since 2019

27 february

snow moon | full moon in virgo

astrological calendar

8 march

international women's day

global event since 1911


From around the world

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Rhythm & Calendar

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A journey through the medicine wheel


Winter is a time where our creative energy is called home to be placed in service of body, soul, and land regeneration. It is also a time for deep listening and dreaming, where we receive messages about the coming growing seasons. On our journey, we are crossing Imbolc in February, a time when our spirits begin to stretch and reawaken slowly after the winter's rest.

Serap Kara · Turning North

Preparing to turn North, towards Winter. Here, I feel the energy of the Elders.

Leaning into my winter. The energy is dark and cold, and deeply yin. Traditional Chinese medicine is based on five elements that dance with each other: metal, fire, air, water, and earth. In this tradition, winter is water, which has the same vibration as north, water, or black. Two animal spirits symbolise this direction: the snake and the turtle - one for each kidney. North is also regarded as the place of the past, the mystery, and the ancestors. Within the Chinese system, the king stands in the center, in the earth element, and faces south, his back held by the north. What wisdom holds north for me, when I dare to turn around and face it?

Nina Weid · The Cailleach

Looking at our medicine wheel as a cosmic calendar to locate our creative activities within and the season we are in, we are in the energy of the Crone.

Dark and cold winter days and nights are inviting us to rest, stay at home close to the fire or heating, and to sleep and to dream. It is a good time to regenerate, to collect new energy for the spring to come, the Maiden season with all its energy and joy.

In Irish mythology, it is said that at Samhain, the Cailleach comes to life from being a stone, strikes the ground with her stick, and freezes the ground.

She is responsible for bringing winter and with it, the important work of winter that enables regeneration and resetting. She is said to rule the months between Samhain (the first day of winter marked on November 1st) and Beltaine (the 1st of May and the first day of summer), while the Goddess Brigid rules over the summer months.


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Did you know...

...that in baltic mythology, the Goddess of the sun Saule was said to fly across the heavens during the night of winter solstice in a slay pulled by horned reindeer throwing pebbles of amber that were symbolizing the sun, into the chimneys below?

Helena Nelson-Reed

“If we winter this one out, we can summer anywhere” – Seamus Heaney, Irish poet

21 december
winter solstice
solar calendar

21 december
great conjunction 2020
astrological calendar

21 or 24 december
the twelve sacred nights
pagan calendar

22 december

sun in capricorn

astrological calendar

1 - 7 january
7 days of rest
global event since 2018

21 january

sun in aquarius

astrological calendar


From around the world

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Rhythm & Calendar

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A journey through the medicine wheel


The autumn season is deeply mystical. Nature breathes out, changes color, and leans into the darkness. The invitation is to breathe out with nature, to rest, and reflect on the lessons, we’ve been generously offered during seeding, growth, and harvest.

Serap Kara · Father Time

For thousands of years people created systems for timekeeping to align with the seasons and structure time. The Gregorian calendar was developed in 1582 and is an evolution of the  Julian calendar, which was created in the Roman Empire as early as 45 BC. The Gregorian calendar is the most widely used calendar in the world. 

November  was the ninth month of the Roman calendar. In former times the year began in March. January and February were simply winter months, and the names were added later. The Gregorian calendar has been changed and adapted and today it doesn't reflect the natural rhythm of the season necessarily.

The Mayan calendar is far older and dates back to 3114 BC. Around this time, the astrological calendar was created to interpret both seasonal changes as celestial cycles. Written language was developed in a similar time period and dates back to ancient Mesopotamia (between 3400 and 3100 BC).

Today, one can be informed by timekeeping systems from many different cultures simultaneously. Planetary and astrological calendars weave into old nature-based calendars and blend into the Gregorian calendar.

The keepers of time have woven the threads in a way that we can find the ends within our own time to follow a path back. Here, in northern Europe, the seasonal celebrations of the old Celtic calendar still resonate with today's rhythm.

The calendars may have come from different times. But they hold a blueprint for us to weave within the natural cycles. A universal understanding of Father Time may guide humanity to be in right relationship with the land, people and cultures to celebrate what we have in common. 

“I feel a thousand capacities spring up in me. I am arch, gay, languid, melancholy by turns. I am rooted, but I flow”

– Virginia Woolf, British novelist

Samhain is the traditional Celtic holiday of death, endings, beginnings, and magic and marks the start of the 'darker half of the year'. Nowadays, we celebrate Samhain from sundown on October 31st until sundown on November 1st. During this special night, the boundaries between the worlds dissolve and the unseen energies of the earth are more visible.

Nina Weid · The European Medicine Wheel

By watching the rhythm of our planet, we discover the cyclic being and development of all that is.

The Celts and Germanics are our European ancestors who maintained a close connection to nature and its cycles. Both cultures used the Wheel of Life as sanctuaries for healing ceremonies, prayer time, and as a tool to live close to Mother Earth’s cyclic rhythm. As nature’s cycles are reflected in the Wheel of Life, so is our personal cycle from birth to death. In a way, we ARE the Medicine Wheel, following the seasons and nature’s cycles. While we might need time for restoration and sleep in winter, we love to enjoy the first sun rays in spring, getting ready to bloom in summer.

The European Medicine Wheel reflects infinity, with no beginning or end. The cross represents our visible world with its four directions, four elements, four moon phases, and the four seasons - the axis mundi. From the center of the circle, the force of creation radiates its power into our world.

The Medicine Wheel provides a possibility to reconnect with our ancient wisdom and to follow the path of our ancestors. By connecting with it, we can feel into the roots of our own heritage and home.

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I don’t have to earn rest.

I don’t have to feel guilty for resting.

I don’t have to wait until I am exhausted, sick, or burnt out to rest.

I am inherently worthy of feeling well-rested.

I have the permission to rest.

21 - 23 september

autumn equinox

solar calendar

october or november
national holiday since 1620

31 - 1 november

samhain · pagan holidaylunar calendar

23 november

sun in sagittariusastrological calendar

1 december
giving tuesday​
global event since 2012

10 december
human rights day
global event since 1948

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Rhythm & Calendar

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