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The life-giving force that dwells within the earth is filled with information and intelligence. Mother Nature has always guided us on how to have a natural and organic relationship with this planet. The Earth Mother is not a metaphor, but the creative force that sustains all life. Every culture received their own ways to honor the earth, the elements, the stars, and the cycles of life. These ceremonies and rituals share a universal essence, speaking of a cyclic nature to honor the phases of life, death, and rebirth.



For a very long time now, Western cultures promoted a linear world view, which separated people from the source, the cycles of growth, and from the sources of renewal and regeneration. Everything natural, sacred, and wild has been banished from our consciousness and replaced by thoughts of individualization and separation. Many people are losing the loving connection to nature and themselves. This disconnection separates us from feeling safe, feeling trust, and experiencing inner stability.



Beneath the daily buzz, there is a whisper, a heartbeat and a song that is calling you home - reminding you to reconnect with the innate wisdom that is stored within your being. This wisdom is connected with the heartbeat and intuition of the earth. Reconnecting with this wisdom offers a sense of belonging, power from within, meaning, grounding, trust, and joy. You are invited to land with both feet on the earth, stretch into the stars, and anchor a greater vision for yourself. At this time, ask yourself: How do you want to live, work, and feel? What is essential, meaningful, and sacred? What do you weave to the web of life to sustain for future generations? 



Earth’s medicine holds mysteries, ancient-future technologies, and sources of power, on how to move energy, transform matter and anchor a vibration to unite hearts beyond religion, nationality, and culture. This wisdom was encoded by Elders waiting for the most potent timing to be received. This time is now. 

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