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How to trust our Intuition

I feel it’s time to give ourselves the permission to listen to our intuition. We have been listening to the outside world for so long and maybe now it is finally the time to turn inwards and listen to what we have to say. To trust ourselves, our perception, our decisions first, before we listen to someone else.

And you know what? Trusting our intuition is so amazingly powerful. We take back the responsibility to live our life with our rules and at our pace. It means we trust ourselves so deeply that we cannot be influenced anymore by the outside world. Marketing and media might tell you what you need, to feel more beautiful, happy, or worthy, but if we start listening within ourselves, if we listen to the little voice, the light feeling in our belly, the deep knowing in our soul, the presence in our body, we know best what we need. And this realisation is so freeing, it lifts the heavy weight of giving the responsibility of your life to an external force, and lets us regain the ease and lightness of our powerful individual autonomy and responsibility. And by taking our responsibility back, we inspire the people around us to do the same.

The force inside of us

Sometimes it rings as clear as a bell, sometimes it feels like the soft fluttering of a butterfly in our stomach, or it is that pit in our stomach that warns us when something is off. The gift of intuition usually reveals itself when we are really present with ourselves, present with our body, and present with this moment.

Intuition might not always speak in clear words, but it still gives us a crystal clear answer. We will just know what is right or what to do. It is a knowing that seems to come from deep within us, and at the same time from the stars and the universe. When connecting to our deeply rooted wisdom we will be guided, and we know: we are not alone.

Intuition works as our personal inner voice nourished by our experiences and previous decisions we’ve made in life. And at the same time, it’s a collection of experiences and learnings from our ancestors. It’s a collective wisdom that guides us on our path. Within us, we hold the wisdom of all learnings from our families and tribes, from men and women, from ancient cultures, and present lives. Our very own intuition has lived so many lives and is so profound we cannot even imagine. It is an incredible gift to receive such guidance.

How can we know our intuition is talking to us?

Everyday we receive an incredible amount of information while being in interaction with the energies around us - without even noticing that we are receiving this information. We are using our five senses to understand and grasp our environment but only a small part of all the information, details and influences are perceived consciously, the significantly bigger part is absorbed by our body without us even noticing it. This huge field of energy surrounding us, carries information within and interacts with our very own energy - by sending us dreams, symbols on the streets and in nature or books that seem to appear out of nowhere precisely answering our questions. Our energy field talks to the energies around us, and without knowing it brings us the answers to all the questions we might have.

The answers might not always make sense to us at first as our intuition interacts spontaneously and irrationally. But we can be sure that our intuition wants to talk to us when the information or answers seem to come fast, out of nowhere, in contrast to the mind, that is hesitant and creates more questions and fear, than clarity.

Seeking for answers from intuition shouldn’t be stressful. Tuning into intuition should be what helps us to relax because it is a tuning into our surrendered presence, where all is well and we are supported. The answers that come through in this space may never be as practical and loud as they are in the mind but they will provide us with a calm reassurance that there are forces beyond our comprehension working with us to manifest our intentions.

Trusting our intuition

Trusting our intuition might not seem the easiest way to walk, but it is the path that will make us feel our authentic selves - fulfilled and filled with gratitude.

Most of the time, our mind tells us thousands of stories, reasons why we should or shouldn’t, analysing the situation, finding the supposedly best solution. And while this logical solution might satisfy and calm the mind, it won’t satisfy our heart. Because deep within we know our way, our path.

We might hesitate to walk this path, preferring to follow the logic of our mind, until the day we wake up with this feeling in our belly that it’s time to follow the path our heart is showing us.

In the past, I have been so used to working with my mind and trusting the voice in my head. It definitely worked to a certain point because it was what the people around me did as well. I’ve been analyzing, thinking through, calculating, but there was always this feeling of just scratching the surface and I knew that there had to be a way to dive deeper, feel deeper, and create on a deeper level. It took me a while until I tried to surrender to this energy within me, my intuition, and fully trust that it will lead me to the result I was looking for. The first time when I fully surrendered and listened to what my intuition had to say, I could FEEL my creation instead of thinking it. My deeper wisdom told me what and how to create, it was effortless and I felt safe and secure. The moment I let my inner feeling lead me, was the moment that I understood what creation really means.

The more we trust our intuition, the bigger, louder, and more present it becomes, and it gets increasingly easier to tap into this wisdom. This is a process for all of us - sometimes it’s easy and we totally know what we need, but in other occasions, our fearful mind is so loud, telling us all the “buts” and “shouldn’ts”, following rules of society or social conventions, that we are not able to hear the soft voice of our intuition. It is a demanding process and so beautiful at the same time - because we grow and follow our heart.

A Ritual to connect with your intuition

You can do this ritual whenever you feel a need for connection - whether at work, at home, or on the train.

Find a comfortable seat, put your left hand on your heart, the right hand on top of your left hand, close your eyes. Take 6 deep breaths into your chest and heart. Feel yourself grounding, connecting to the earth and to your body.

Ask your heart: “What is it that I need right now?”

Listen closely to what your heart has to say. The sharing could be an image, a word, a vision or maybe an emotion that arises.

Stay here until you feel you’ve found your answer. Give thanks to your intuition.

Beautiful Art by Vanja Vukelić ♥︎

Text by Nina

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