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The Goddess Within You

Learn about the different Goddess archetypes and how to connect with these energies.

A conversation with Simone Meentzen, artist and enthusiast for Goddess cultures around the world.

The Lady Of The Sea Told Me…

Enjoy life and laugh more

Empty thy vessel

Give up all rigid expectations

Nourish yourself wisely

Protect your true treasures

Be patient

Be hilarious

Be wild

Be temperance

Be without judgement

Be forgiving

Be the star on your sky

Invite the magic

Choose growth

Choose kindness

Embrace your shadow

Love yourself without limits

Practice everyday

Be and let Love flow

There is no metamorphosis without the destruction of the first form. Embrace change

(Simone Meentzen)

What is a Goddess?

In today’s world and society, women often need to prove and fulfil different roles - being a great mother and a successful business woman while being sexy, beautiful, and never-aging - all at once.

But we can embody the Maiden, the Amazon, the Huntress, the Witch, the wild Woman, the Beloved and Lover, the naive Virgin, the revengeful Woman, the wise Woman and so much more! The complete kaleidoscope of human perception and feelings is reflected in the mythology of Gods and Goddesses. It is in everyday life that we meet the Goddess, as their stories are woven into all cultures, countries and history.

If we look closely and if we know where to look, we can find old symbols and signs of the Goddess cult everywhere in today’s world, but their origin and meaning seem to have become lost.

A long time ago, the European people were led by matriarchal cultures where the Great Goddess was adored and worshipped. Interestingly enough, there were no wars and no weapons back then and the culture was based on the female principles, skills, and abilities. Women had an important role in society and were admired for their knowledge, wisdom, and abilities. Humans were bound to a more natural cycle and rhythm, following nature’s rhythm. Women, mothers, and grandmothers were the wisdom keepers and advisors who supported the connection to nature and Mother Earth. Worshipping the Goddess meant to worship nature, the fertility of land and women, and to live in peace.

The world of the Goddess radiates a lot of attraction to today’s women, as it helps us to deal with and challenge misogynist prejudices and preconceptions.

Are there different embodiments of Goddesses?

The different archetypes (see Archetypes of C.G Jung) stand for different Goddesses and energies, and each has her own stories to tell. All these stories will reflect situations in your present life, match to specific phases of your life, or reflect your whole life path. They symbolise a certain wisdom, way of living, or consciousness.

Goddesses have different names in different cultures but they do stand for the same archetype. You could connect with the African Goddess Oshun, or the Nordic Goddess Freya and feel the same energy arising. In the European culture you could connect with Juno - mother and wife, Aphrodite - lover and muse and Artemis - guardian and huntress.

There is also the popular Shakti, Indian Goddess of female power, which stands for pure life force. Or Hestia, Greek Goddess of the home, of inner peace and balance.

How can I connect with the Goddess?

As there are many Goddesses from different cultures, you have countless opportunities to connect with whichever Goddess speaks to you and who you feel matches your current life situation.

Connecting with a Goddess, means to connect with your inner space, as the Goddesses live within all of us. Connecting with the Goddess within will lead you to signs in the external world and might guide you in taking certain life decisions. You won’t find the divine Goddess in tools, seminars, or clothing, but only in your inner world. Take your time to discover your inner Goddess. The following steps will support you in the search of the Goddess and assist you on your life path:

~ Do research:

read about your ancestors and the culture your ancestors have been living in. Which Goddesses were present and celebrated? You could find out, for example, which flowers have been used in former times to celebrate Goddesses and which plants are dedicated to which Goddess.

~ Connect with the land you are living on:

with the earth beneath your feet and its memories of the Goddess. Spend time in nature, walk barefoot, lay on the earth, and listen.

~ Meditate:

Sit still and connect with your heart. Ask yourself what are you looking for? Find the Goddess within you that supports you most in your current situation.

~ Use all of your senses:

dance, cook, paint, and create. Bring your attention away from your head. Your body, your senses, your gut feeling, and your heart will connect you with the Goddess.

What about the Earth Mother Goddess?

The Earth Mother or Great Goddess unites the 3 aspects of womanhood and femininity: Maiden, Mother, Crone. She is the Mother of all - fertile and nourishing - the symbol of the female principle - the womb.

Being mindful with and caring for your own body and nature, has its roots in the divine feminine principle. By taking care of yourself you raise your trust in the power, wisdom and beauty within your Self.

We are a part of nature, it is so helpful and necessary to be aware of the natural cycle of life - birth - life - death - rebirth.

There are many places on earth where we can feel a strong connection to the Earth Mother, such as sacred sources, trees, and mountains. Tales, myths and legends are showing us the path to these sacred sites. One example is Glastonbury, where the Goddess is worshipped in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.


Simone is a wonderful woman, artist, designer, and teacher. Her grandmother founded one of the first natural herbal cosmetics companies in the 1930s. Simone is a student and teacher of herbology, which is her way to connect with her family history and ancestry.

After working as a designer and lecturer in Berlin, she now works as an artist and commutes between Berlin and her country home. Simone has an incredibly wide spectrum of interest, and besides her work in art and design, she admires the matriarchal research of Dr. Heide Göttner Abendroth and the work of Marija Gimbutas. She has met and learnt from Starhawk and Susanne Fisher-Rizzi.

To find out more about her work, please visit her website or Instagram @fiberandheart and @simininati.

Resources to dive deeper into the Goddess universe

The Dissident Goddess Network

Books about Goddesses and Matriarchal Research in German

Books in English

The Goddess Quiz, in German

Jean Shinoda Bolen

Susanne Fischer-Rizzi -

Joanne Foucher

Text by Nina

Pictures by:

1) Simone Meentzen; THE “SNAKE GODDESS” cult object from the Knossos Temple Repositories, 1650-1550 BC, Heraklion Archeological Museum  2) Simone Meentzen; "Minoan Fresco", part of a composition from Knossos Palace, 1600-1450 BC, Heraklion Archaeological Museum 

3) Simone Meentzen; “Earth Guardian“, miniature clay Goddess figurine, 2019, handmade by FIBERANDHEART®

4) Grit Siwonia Photography


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